Sarina makes 7 fonts on Google Web Fonts from Typeco. This one was sparked by several letters from an old sports car nameplate. Through development it took on the look of a sign painter's brush script. By the way, all of these fonts  on Google are Open Source, so you can use them freely on your websites or download them for print use.
Metamorphous is Typeco's 6th font for Google web Fonts. Once again we consciously engineered this font to read well at small sizes on the screen, while infusing a ton of character evident at larger sizes. This serif face borrows liberally from lettering styles of the past while infusing a bit of fantasy.
Supermercado makes it my 5th font released on Google Web Fonts. Supermercado is a fun rounded sans condensed, with swash caps. Keeping web display in mind, we designed it to work surprisingly well at fairly small sizes, while it is certainly quite distinctive when set at larges sizes.
Atomic Age font released on Google Web Fonts. It was inspired by 1950s era connected scripts seen on nameplates of cars and home appliances. In the interest of making it usable on the web at small sizes, it looses the connections but keeps the spirit of these letters to make a highly legible screen font with flair.
Short Stack will be Typeco's 3rd font on Google Web Fonts, released through Sorkin Type. It's a Comic San-ish kinda thing, keeping in mind display on the web. Short Stack is sturdy, and clear but also whimsical and fun. 
Black Ops is my second font on Google Web Fonts. My first font released in conjunction with Sorkin Type. Big thanks to Eben Sorkin for all his help.

Black Ops is a low contrast semi geometric typeface inspired by military stencil lettering. Black Ops is heavy, sturdy, and punchy. Reminiscent of my Super Duty, but way more humanist and useful.